Release the sadness, fear and anxiety from the trauma and wounds of the past. Step free from the effects of trauma such as mental or emotional pain. Fear of rejection, lack of trust loss of faith in self! Stop limitting your oen growth in life! 

Leave behind limiting beliefs take back your power

Stop looking to others for validation, living in a state of fear or with a sense of loss.

Overcome the hold over your sense of who you are and what you are capable of and take back your power to be uniquely you.

Drop what people think of you and dare to create your rules

Re-gain your confidence and start to rebuild your sense of self worth. 

Trust in your own goals, dreams and desires. Learn to trust your own judgement and intuition once again. Stop giving away your strengths to others! 

Live intuitively, positively and achieve your goals.

Develop the skills, techniques and know how to have balanced, happy relationships with clear boundaries.  Understand the patterns of habit and where you can use these for new opportunities in your life.  Get excited by the future you have to look forward to. 

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Let go of the past

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know how it feels to be stuck in a place where you can't be the version of you that you want to be.

Your habits and behaviours that once served you are holding you back.

My superpower is guiding you to create change.

Helping stuck and busy women to get to the next level within their relationships, businesses or careers.

Creating the health, wealth and freedom that comes from your connection to your true self! 

I'm the therapist coach who can make you the change-maker driver of your destiny and success with a clear map to get there!

Download your free mini-guide to changing your limiting beliefs  

Let go of past traumas - mentally break free 

Re-gain your confidence Improve your Mindset 

Learn to trust your intuition and Level Up!! 

Schedule a free no-obligation clarity call 

This call is bound to be one that helps you - it is my gift to you.

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Group Empowerment Mindset Mastermind

Do you want to have it all together to Step into your success but anxiety, distractions, bad habits or lack of motivation have got you a little off track?

This is ideal if you are aware of your thoughts, habits and behaviours and want to recreate them boosting your success in a supportive, empowering and group mastermind.

Some things we will sort out in this session are

limiting beliefs,

stopping negative thought patterns,

having mindset issues around success,

fears of success or competition,

creating better routines,

poor focus,

creating better boundaries, 

letting go of judgement

self-care and well-being practices 

Stepping into success fearlessly

Our work together will be a 6-month group coaching programme 

2 x 1.5-hour sessions per month 

An individual 1-hour session per month 

Mastermind private support hub

When life throws you off get back on track quickly!
Investment into you, your success and growth is £1750 
or 6 instalments of £295 per month 

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Step into Your Light Programme

This transformational programme helps you to step emotionally, spiritually and physically out of your own way and into success.

A 6-month road map to achieving your ambitions 

Getting rid of sabotaging thoughts, behaviours and habits it is the ultimate change programme tailored and bespoke to you as an individual who can achieve so much more!  

We will work together to  see how present your past is letting go and healing any trauma,

rebuild your self-confidence and uncover what it really is that you want to be achieving in your life,

Create new improved thought patterns, routines, habits and behaviours. 

You will learn to lean into your spiritual self to trust and accept yourself and your own intuitive judgements once again. 

You will gain the tools and insights to keep you on track and to keep up levelling your mindset again and again! 

Our work together will be done via video call

Over 2 x 1.5-hour sessions per month 

Access to a collection of stand-alone self development modules

You will have support and tasks between sessions 

Together we will build you and your life to a whole new level
Investment into you, your success and growth is £3495
or 6 instalments of £595 per month 

 Work with Me Step into your Light  

An Award-winning Trauma and Change therapist-coach

I use the best from NLP, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy to help my clients achieve a life transformation. 

Guiding you from a place of repeating sabortaging thoughts, behaviours or habits and feeling disconnected from yourself I lead you to realign with yourself, loved ones and step into the success that you know you should have in your life.


We heal the past, become present in the now and get excited by the future.

Working with me takes you from a place of fear and unknown into clarity, growth and expansion. 

My clients report not only feeling more positive, driven and complete than ever before but also that they have more time, love, money and are healthier as a result of being truly aligned, in the driving seat and active within their lives with anxiety, fears, self-doubt and confusion being firmly in the past. 

Having spent over a decade in the well being industry as a therapist, supervisor and teacher I have developed the map and ability to use a combined therapeutic strategy that not only provides, comfort and healing but delivers lasting transformation and change empowering you throughout our journey together.

Specializing in trauma and change has helped me to really zone in on the effects of the past, can have upon your thoughts, behaviours and habits which equips me to teach you how to break them down to have positive  new ones that help you!

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What People Say

A true earth angel...a soul saver for those with a complete loss of self. I know I used to be one. I can honestly say after a lifetime of trauma, a complete sense of abandonment, repeated negativity and self-sabotage with Victoria’s help I’m starting to feel like me again. The blend of verifiable therapy is key to unravelling the individual nature of each of our problems and having been around the block trying all the shop doors, finally, I’ve tapped into a goldmine. Bless you 💓