5 Easy ways to align your inside energy with your outside self!

I wanted to talk to you today about how to be aligned with your energy. It is a big hefty subject so for the sake of keeping the blog under a million words I will be making some assumptions and generalizations to give you 5 easy and practical things that you can use and practice to align yourself with your energy.

If you are here it is likely that you are searching for ways to rediscover yourself or realign your energy with your core self, you may be feeling a little bit lost or out of kilter. Don’t worry it is simple and easy to realign your energy with yourself and to feel whole again all it takes is a little bit of conscious effort and taking some steps to rediscover who you are.

5 Easy Ways...

1. Listen to your body! I know this sounds like a simple one but it is something that many of us are guilty of not doing. We are bumbling through life, taking our daily actions, making decisions, choices, allowing our thoughts to turn into feelings and we sometimes do it with a vital piece of information missing. We can use this awareness to make sure we are putting ourselves in the best place we can be, taking the best actions and making the best choices in our lives by listening to the subtle hints our body gives us every day. When you are having a conversation with someone or making a decision about something, see if you are feeling any tension, pain, sensations, emotions within your body.

2. Meditate, tune out to tune in. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardened fan of guided meditations, Kundalini meditation, chanting, yoga or simple practice some mindfulness breathing techniques. Meditation allows you to quieten the mind, focus on the present and the health benefits to it are immense.

3. Remember who you are. This one is sometimes easier said than done, and I have spent weeks with clients who have begun to establish themselves as the job they do or the position they hold in the family but remember you are so much more than all of this. Allow yourself a break to remember who you reconnect with something that you love to do and second some time aligning with that part of you.

4. Let yourself go and laugh!! To realign your energy you are also looking to raise the vibration you are operating at, part of this has to include laughing. Find something/someone or do something that makes you laugh and laugh away!! They don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing.

5. Stay away from negativity! I didn’t really want to write this one as I didn’t want to bring a negative element into it but one of the best ways to realign your energy with yourself is to stay away from negative, thoughts, places, people who have a less than positive impact upon your energy and its alignment to self. Often we become out of alignment with ourselves because we get sucked into the vortex of not feeling enough in some area of our lives and this further alienates us from the ability to be free to be who we really are.

I hope that has helped you and gives you some practical ways to align yourself with your energy.

Don’t forget that over time your energy may have shifted and the person you are now or the things that are important to you may be different, and that is okay!

It is also very okay if you don’t always feel okay when searching to align your energy with yourself, it can be a tricky thing sometimes to navigate your own personal inner energy needs with the external and worldly expectations that life can have of you.

The above 5 steps, in particular, being aware of your body, thoughts and feelings when you are in certain situations can be real eye-openers to checking that you are in alignment with your sense of self, have fun with these practices and make sure to laugh lots along the way.

Until next time lovelies keep Stepping into your Light and live your best life!!

Much Love Victoria x

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