Done IS better than Perfect!!

So this is the perfect mantra for those of us who know that in order to produce things we have to remind ourselves that our idea of perfection is not going to be attainable. I kid you not the very idea of writing a blog, scheduling a Facebook post or recording a podcast has had me paralysed with fear that it isn’t going to be good enough, or should I say perfect enough to be welcomed by the people I was creating it for. 

What a load of flipping tosh and such a cop-out way of not achieving things in life it is just not good enough at all. 

We have to remind ourselves that in order to actually keep moving we must actually produce things rather than procrastinate and put off that which may work out as we hope it will.

The reason done is better than perfect is - perfect isn’t even a thing! 

Do you actually know what perfect is? 

No, nor I because it isn’t a real thing it is an idea or a definition of one person’s way of seeing something. 

Which means when we are all in our own heads about perfection we are creating a magical mystery tour of being able to live up to something which is a mystical creature rather than a living being   

Some top tips to move beyond being stuck are 

Realise that any movement and creation is better than nothing. If you want to start a business, write a blog, record a podcast whatever it is while it is in your head it is just an idea, a concept, not real, but when you create it and build it you give it life. Then it becomes a real thing and yes it may not be perfect but once it is done it has potential. 

When something is done that doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and improve it, repeat it in a different way to make it better. 

A journey is best enjoyed as much for the journey as it is the destination!

So see done is better than perfect because it is a use of energy.

When we are using our energy and moving forward we are creating flow in our lives, taking action and even if we aren’t quite on the right path, or are not 100% sure we are heading to the right place it is better to move and experiment/try than it is to sit still and not take action.

When we are putting ourselves out to produce something the fear of getting it wrong or being judged has to be put aside because if we get it right for just one person, or learn one thing along the way then it had a purpose. In creating a flow we are not sitting still or doing nothing and this is vital because it’s the people who are sat and do not act that have what if’s? And look around them thinking I could do that or I want to do that but until you do it it’s nothing! 

Believe in yourself more!

We are all doing our best with what we have available to us at that time in our lives - FACT!

So if your overthinking, self-doubting brain is trying to protect you from giving something a go, getting started or finishing something off give yourself a pep talk, a reminder that done is better than perfect. 

When something is done you can improve it, make it better, practice more, adjust it and be bloody proud of yourself that you did /produced something, this ultimately means that you are moving forward in your life and growing as a person. Soon enough it will have an effect on your confidence and self-belief as you get more used to putting yourself in situations that are a little out of your comfort zone or as I like to call it the stretch zone!  

Until next time keep Stepping into your Light

Much Love Victoria

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