Use your three brains they are better than one!

Where’s your head at?

Anyone who knows the Basement Jaxx song probably has the tune going through their head right now sorry, not sorry it’s a good tune!!

I have been getting back to work this last week after taking some time out during the crisis to be able to support the children with their home learning, etc…

When I was coming back to daily work I had a responsibility to check in with a few projects that were on hold, clients who had paused their sessions due to personal changes and I also held myself a little head, heart, intuition (gut) check for my next steps and 90-day plan before I started back to business. 

As I was going over my plans getting ready to write my blog I thought it might be quite nice and helpful to take a little sidestep off track (whoops on day 1) and for me to share with you my head, heart, intuition check technique because it not only applies to business decisions but is something I personally use in all areas of my life. 

You may have heard but there is a little theory about the 3 brains of the body. What do you mean you only have one, keep reading!!

Research from neuroscience shows that we each have three fully functioning brains. Our head (cephalic) brain which is best suited for the roles of creativity, logic, and problem-solving. Our heart (cardiac) brain serves us best within the realms of our passions and compassion. And our gut (enteric) brain which is the realm of courage and self-protection. For me, this explains a lot why we just ‘know it in our gut’ or ‘feel it in our hearts’.

When I have an important decision to make or just want to check that I am on the right path I do this little 5 step check to make sure I’m resonating with my self on all levels.

Let me talk you through it! 

Firstly find yourself a quiet space where you can sit and won’t be disturbed. If you have never done this before give yourself at least 20 minutes so you don’t feel rushed and can journal upon whatever comes up for you.  

Step 1:

Take three to five deep slow breaths, be aware of them as a conscious act to bring your awareness and attention to the present moment.

Step 2:

Bring your attention to your head

With your awareness present in the head acknowledge what thoughts are present at this time in relation to the current situation or challenge you are having.

Step 3:

Next notice your awareness and bring it down to the heart

I like to place a hand over my heart for connection. Just take your time to tune into what your heart is telling you about this situation, you may notice what you care about and what your intentions are and how the situation feels.

Step 4:

Next take your awareness down to the gut

Again I like to place a hand over my abdomen to really connect into the energy. Take time to listen to any intuitive senses often called hunches, or emotions that are coming up for you around the situation or challenge you are having.

Step 5:

Lastly put all of this information together

Take a slow but deep breath consciously notice the air in and out as you bring yourself to collecting all this information from the body and mind. Now ask yourself the question of what you should do with your situation or decision and listen to the answer.

You can use this method super quickly too and I often do it even when I am busy or with people, they have no idea I just do a quick mini check-in with what’s going on in my heart of hearts! 

If you have any questions about this or any other decision-making tools such as journaling and pros/cons lists reach out to me.

Much Love Victoria x

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